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Meislahn is a big fashion and accessories retailer in Kiel delivering premium quality since 1882. They sell woman, mens and childs wear but also offering a wide range of textiles for bath, kitchen, sleep and bedroom - some of them self-manufactured in their lovely atelier.

Meislahn Webshop homepage.
Meislahn local premium fashion store since 1882.
Serving fashion and accessories for bath, kitchen, bed- an livingroom. 


Meislahn - a pure brick and mortar store - saw more and more customers buying online and not visiting their  store any more. They were not sure if and how they could fight big online pure players like Zalando with limited amount of marketing dollars and a team not skilled in the ecommerce space. 


smartvertise concepted and developed an offline marketing connected webshop. Local store visitors are smartly upsold and crosssold into the online shop and experience a higher service level with practical no additional marketing budget. Some marketing measures include:

  • Every article on the shelf space, get's a second sticker: "Rebuy me online or find something fitting to it in our webshop "
  • Every client in the store not sure if to buy the article gets offered to reserve the article exclusively 24h in the webshop to buy later at home
  • Every client leaving the store get's a discount code to shop later online.
  • Every client that buys in the webshop can return the article in the local store for free and longer than postal return.
  • Every client buying in the webshop can pick up the product for free in the local store instead of using mail.


Meislahn could stop the declining revenues and upsell 20% of their existing clients into the webshop. They even managed to bring hundreds of new younger customers in their webshop with very effective Facebook advertising and boost revenues out of commercials by 50% as they could now also refer to their webshop.

From The Client

“After the webshop project we would love to keep the smartvertise guys at our side for regular consultancy and further IT-projects - help managing the digital transformation of our retail store -  their spirit and hands-on mentality drives us forward .”

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